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Frustrated and want to finally build momentum?
Afraid to not be able to get your client results?

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Learn how to scale your agency.

This course was made with the novice agency owner in mind. I created it to serve 3 different types of owners! The person who wants to start agency and has no idea how, the newer agency owner who needs to understand more marketing concepts and theory, as well as the agency owner who needs real world agency ideas & refined skills to scale quickly.

I focus on what is important to know! I created this course and left out advanced topics so that you are focused on attracting clients, closing them and later upselling them.

Thanks so much for being here, I hope this is exactly what you will need to build, scale and just simply make an extra $5k-$10k per month in 90 days!

Learn how!

If you're looking for a "guru" marketer or someone who can teach you to scale and make $50k in 3 months..that's NOT me! I had kids to feed and needed a roof over my head. I created a business model that was sustainable and allowed me to leave my 9-5 in 2 years! From Full-Time to Part-Time to 4 days a month to totally leaving Nursing in 2019.

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Jasmine Lopez MBA, RN.

As a nurse and single mom I know how bad you want this to work! I scaled my agency to 6 figures in 6 months and I would love to help you do the same! Learn everything you need to learn and NOTHING you don't. My students are taking action immediately and you can too!


Samantha May

Jay has been EVERYTHING to my success in the pursuit to expand my agency!!!! I have worked in the real estate niche for now 2 years and although getting awesome results within my work.. I kept finding myself working with the WRONG people/ teams. Jay has instilled in me the "Less work for more pay" motto and the sales framework that she's broken down to me to acquire new clients has set my potential free! A close friend of mine told me that this investment in a coach would be the best investment of my life and this is exactly how I feel.

Within under a month I have scheduled 10 appointments on the books. Closed 2 so far and have 3-4 HOT Leads in my pipeline🤩🔥🙌 I'm so motivated that my goal of reaching 6-8 steady clients is just a matter of time.

I came to Jay needing a way to organize my business structure to allow room to grow without killing myself AND now I seriously cannot wait to see where my business is in the next 90 days.

Benjamin May

Jay Lopez's course has given me the courage to quit my J.O.B. and pursue my dream to be in business for myself. I closed my first client last week and now I'm going tomorrow to see if I can be a marketing consultant and social media manager for a growing food product company.

I would have never had the self confidence without the support of this group.
Thanks Jay! 💯